The Function of Art


Think about your readings for this essay and use those readings (read 2) to help you formulate ideas to construct an argument that you could present to a school board or college that explains why the creation of art, music, dance, a sporting activity and literature should or should not be made a fundamental part of every school’s pre-K to 12th grade curriculum. Do research for additional sources (statistics, academic articles, news articles) that might help you support your views, and discuss specifically how art has functioned or might function in your own life. Your paper should be a minimum of 6-7 pages.
Essay Guidelines:

Your essay should follow MLA format (look at typing guidelines on the syllabus).
Your essay should be 6-7 pages long, must use 2 of the readings and have 3 outside sources.
Your final draft is due on Sunday 9/20 at 11:59pm