issues of the British colonies

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For 20 points, each answer should be 2-3 substantial paragraphs in length & contain a couple of references to the textbook per answer.

* Always write in your own words and feel free to use quotes/ see Announcements for visual sample. References from the
textbook in bold, for example ( OpenStax 3.2)

1. Discuss different issues of the British colonies. Then discuss how and why the rise of slavery occurred.

Ch 4

2) Each colony developed with its own culture and business/trade. Choose one to talk about in detail.

3) The last section talks about the Great Awakening & the Enlightenment. What were these movements about and how did these

affect the day to day life in the colonies?

4) With all the tension building as different groups of people want the same land, wars are inevitable. Choose 1 war discussed in chapter 4 and talk about its significance.