Is there a specialised neural network dedicated to visually processing faces?

QUESTION: Is there a specialised neural network dedicated to visually processing
Background Processing visual information is among the most critical and complicated tasks of the central nervous system. While some of this processing is done in the retina, the vast majority occurs in specific regions in the brain. There is reason to believe that visually processing faces is specialised task that is associated with dedicated neural structures.
The aim of this essay is to critically evaluate the seven studies provided, in order to assess the degree to which the evidence supports the notion that humans have a specialised neural structures dedicated to visually processing faces. This needs to go beyond merely summarising what is in the provided articles. You are required to critically evaluate the available evidence for and against the notion and construct a sound argument based on the provided literature.
Word limit The word limit is 2000+/— 10% (i.e. between 1800—2200 words).
There is NO penalty for having less than 2000 words, but if your essay is much less than 1800 words, be certain that you have answered the question in enough detail.
The final word count should be stated clearly and accurately on your title page.
The title page and reference list do not count towards the total. All other words are counted.
Assessments exceeding the 2200 word limit will not be read past the 2200th word. Which may have implications for marks associated with the later parts of the document e.g. Conclusion
Marking details This assignment weighs 40% of the final grade. Your essay will be marked against the criteria specified in the marking and feedback sheet (provided in a separate document) and will receive a mark out of 30.
The marking criteria include;
— Introduction (5 marks)
— Main body (12 marks)
— Conclusion (5 marks)
— Literacy & written communication (4 marks),
— Presentation & APA style referencing (4 marks)
Please refer to the marking and feedback sheet for more details. The essay does not require an abstract.