Disparity Paper

Perform an academic search and choose an article from a peer-reviewed journal that describes a disparity of a population. Write a critique of the article that is not more than 6 pages ( excluding title and reference page). References can be 4 or more. Use APA format. Paper should include an abstract, introduction, critique, conclusion and reference page. Students should use the Grading Rubic for Graduate Written Assignments which is located in the content section of the course as a guide
INTRODUCTION:- Strongly conveys topic and delineates subtopics to be discussed in the body of text in the assignment.
FOCUS AND SEQUENCING:- Content strongly related to topic; strong organization and integration of content within subtopics, and strong transitions linking subtopics and main topic.
SUPPORT:-Strongly scholarly, peer reviewed support of topic; supporting materials are published within 5-7 years as appropriate
CONCLUSION:- Strong summarization with synthesis and insightful discussion of topic conclusions. No new information is introduced into the conclusion.
TEXT;- Andrews, M. & Boyle, J.( 2016). Transcultural concepts in nursing care. Philadelphia, PA : Walters Kluwer